Main Street Pet Care Inc.

1910 South Main Street
Joplin, MO 64804


Main Street Pet Care - Joplin, MO - About Us

Main Street Pet Care - Joplin, MO -

Main Street Pet Care is a unique business that provides many types of care for pets in a loving atmosphere. We are first, a Veterinary Hospital that provides all levels of care from Routine Preventive Care, Surgery, and Dentistry, to sick pet Urgent Care, to Advanced Trauma Stabilization for critically injured pets.

We also provide a range of Professional Boarding and Day Care Services so your friend has a safe and loving place to stay when they must be away from home.

Our Grooming Services are simply the best available in the Four-States. Our Professional Groomers have many years of experience and actually teach grooming at various technical schools. You won’t be disappointed with our groomers, who are artists in their vocation.

For older pets and pets with painful conditions, we offer advanced pain control and treatment measures. Our offerings include advanced medications and also Class IV Deep Laser Therapy that can provide dramatic relief for many painful conditions.

Finally, Main Street Pet Care offers services for end of life , including Hospice Care when that becomes necessary.

Our entire staff remains committed to learning. Because of this, we all attend many hours of Continuing Education every year to help us stay on top of the latest techniques in the ever expanding field of animal care and veterinary medicine. It is never ending and our work never becomes boring!