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Main Street Pet Care - Joplin, MO - Laser Therapy

The benefits of laser light were recognized almost 40 years ago, but it has only been recently that this treatment option has become available at an affordable cost.  There have been many studies that document the positive effects on different types of cells, tissues, and disorders.  Laser therapy works by sending packets of light energy deep into tissue without damaging it.  These packets of light energy are absorbed within the cells and cause production of ATP.  The cell uses ATP as fuel to help repair itself and injured or impaired cells do not make ATP at a fast enough rate.  Increased ATP from laser therapy leads to healthier cells, tissues, and overall healthier animals.  Laser therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions and injuries including, but not limited to wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, dermatological problems, and pain.  Every pet is different and treatment will vary with condition and severity so it’s best to contact us for an appointment to assess your pet’s treatment options.